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The Daniel Initiative is a movement that originates from the main tenants of the Biblical leader, Daniel. It was his excellence, integrity, and wise counsel that caused the mainstream facets of society to acknowledge his God. In Daniel's lifetime, he and his comrades were taken into captivity and tested to see if they had the ability to stand within the Babylonian courts. For us today, we may not all have the ability to stand in the same place, yet there is at least one arena in life where God has graced every person to have influence. This movement is about Christians finding their place in the marketplace, where they are graced to be the Daniels, Josephs, and Esthers of their perspective spheres of influence. While our organization is based on Biblical principles, we do not exclusively assist Christian organizations. Our dominant audience may be Christian, but we also assist clients and organizations with overarching goals that positively impact society and humanity. Below are a few broad beliefs that we espouse in expressing this movement:


The Daniel Initiative believes in authenticity and respect.

As we mentioned above, our organization was built on Biblical principles, which we believe are essential to our existence and mandate. Too often today, people wear masks to hide their true identity because of a fear of how they will be received. We cannot ever have meaningful engagement if we refuse to be authentic. The Daniel Initiative will not cram its Christian values down anyone's throat, but neither will we become skittish when declaring where we stand on issues. This declaration does not mean that we exclude others from the greater interfaith community. We believe that respect is a vital part of functioning in the global society, and must be a part of how we operate. In fact Christ found a way to work together with all peoples, without compromising his own identity and values. Where there are areas of mutual agreement on issues related to human rights, conflict resolution, social justice, and international relations, we will certainly work together with broad alliances. No matter what our viewpoints, no one should feel intimidated from respectfully expressing their thought processes.


God is not Republican, Democrat, Green Party, Tea Party, Communist, or Socialist... and neither is The Daniel Initiative.

We suppose we start here because many of our corporate discussions will center on social issues and public policies that could quickly turn political. The Daniel Initiative does not espouse a political faction, and is open to all political ideologies that are respectful of humanity. We believe in a Kingdom system that trumps all other classifications of partisanship, and seek to build the broadest coalitions for positive change from amongst our diverse community.


We believe in "marketplace ministers"

Everyone is not called to traditional "pulpit" ministry. In fact we believe that very few are, while the vast majority are called out into the "marketplace" to bring the Kingdom message to the world. This is not a rallying cry to honk your horn 3 times if you love Jesus, or place your I "heart" Jesus paraphernalia all across your office space. But rather this is an expansion of how we define ministry. Your 9-5 job that you are desperately trying to escape to get to church, may very well be the area where God intends to use you to minister to a broken world. Likewise, there is a place for the unique innovative visions that many millennials feel have been neglected by the religious community. NBA player Jeremy Lin is a great example of a marketplace minister who is wisely stewarding his arena for Christ. Daniel, Esther, and Joseph all lived and ministered outside of their religious culture. None of them attempted to be vocally louder than their secular counterparts. However their commitment to marketplace excellence through relationship with God made it hard for the world to ignore their King. Your choice to embrace your innovative calling is how Kingdom expands.

The Daniel Initiative believes in being solutions oriented.

The world needs solutions, not merely a reminder of the problems. The Daniel Initiative believes that Kingdom is a solutions-oriented entity, and thus believers who engage society should reflect this reality. Daniel provided counsel and discourse on a number of intellectual issue areas in his time. The Daniel Initiative believes that Kingdom agents can offer solutions and innovative results to every area of life. Since our God is so great, we should engage public society and be the best agent within our respective arenas. This does not guarantee that our solutions will always be taken or our examples followed, but we must be wise and persistent in at least reflecting this reality.


Kingdom is global, and so is our scope.

Kingdom knows no boundaries based on ethnicity, nationality, heritage, or geography. Since Kingdom is global, The Daniel Initiative's scope mirrors this truth. Our community is not just for U.S. citizens. While there may be some petitions and campaigns that are country specific, this overall movement is for the global audience. We truly show the full picture of Christ when we drop our geographical and denominational walls, and learn to have a truly Kingdom-centered agenda. We welcome our brothers and sisters from Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, and Australia! You complete us, and your experiences matter to our corporate development.


It is alright to disagree, it is NOT alright to be rude and derogatory.

Disagreements are expected, and we certainly don't want anyone to feel pressured into agreeing with any majority or minority. In fact it is encouraged to be frank and honest, yet not to the extent that it becomes disrespectful. Let us be clear, disagreement alone is not a sign of bigotry, and we should encourage healthy debates that either stretch our mindsets or strengthen our convictions. Derogatory words even as small as "idiot" or "stupid" will not be tolerated. This is a mature forum, conduct yourselves accordingly.


The Daniel Initiative is here to provide space for your vision, not to micromanage it.

This site provides the forum for you to be able to wrestle with your calling and the tough questions that result from this process. We are here as a support system, we are not here to micromanage you. We believe that the same God that gave you the vision will also give you the detailed instruction on how to correctly function. Everyone's calling is unique, so there is no one-size fits all measurement. The onus is on each minister to stay true to the convictions that God personally places upon you.


This vision that you are working on is the same work that we believe Christ will require of you at His return.

We believe in Christ's return, and that He will require an account of the individual works that were entrusted to each believer. The Daniel Initiative strives to be that space where you work out your calling to efficiently and effectively please God. It would be a shame to attend every spiritual conference, church service, and Bible Study, and still miss out on THE THING God entrusted unto you. In other words GET TO WORK!


It is my hope that you will enjoy your journey and experience with The Daniel Initiative.


Breon N. Wells






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