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What the world needs today are movements that build lasting change. The Daniel Initiative is proud to welcome you to our social movements page. This place serves as the perfect portal to coalesce today's game changers around meaningful causes to positively influence society. While some of our movements may not show a direct correlation with religious ideology, TDI believes that Kingdom is solutions oriented. We are constantly seeking the perfect platform, coalition, and stance to positively impact the world we live in. Our two premiere movements are briefly described below. However, you will want to stay tuned, as we are always taking on new impactful movements.


 The Joseph Coalition

Mass incarceration is a devastating reality in the American Justice System. Compound this with numerous obstacles to successful pathways for returning citizens, and we now face a cycle of institutionalized incarceration where the default is bondage instead of restored liberty. Since the components have overbearing social, economical, and political costs, restorative justice must be a priority. The Daniel Initiative is committed to being the voice of returning citizens who have adequately paid their debt to society and seek a new beginning. From the repealing of mandatory minimums to increased employment attainment for returning citizens, this movement will increase the voice of returning citizens and their allies. To be clear, we believe in just reciprocity for crimes committed, however we believe the current system is unsustainable for societal efficiency. Besides, we might find that the Joseph we free could possess the solutions that our world needs. We encourage you to visit the JC page and join the movement.

The Daniel Initiative

The Daniel Initiative can best be described as a movement that took on a business face to reshape a generation. Who is our target audience? You. If you are passionate about your Christian walk and your professional pursuit (purpose), but can't see the connecting line, this movement was built for you. Ministry is not simply confined to a pulpit, a steeple, or four walls. Ministry is whatever you do, and what you do is ministry. Is your passion for acting, athleticism, public policy, or education directly tied into your "calling"? We believe they definitely are! Whether you're a professional athlete, lawyer, doctor, author, stockbroker, geologist, or technological nerd, your calling matters to Kingdom, and to us. From the most experienced entrepreneur who embraced innovative ministry long ago, to the newbie trying to make heads and tails out of life, this movement is yours to embrace and own. While we don't have all the answers, this movement will help bring clarity as we all reshape our thinking on the subjects of life and ministry.

Remember this: The Kingdom is fully manifested when each individual embraces their God-given unique placement in Christ's Body and refuse to be a Xerox copy of someone else. This is my heart for the present and future generation.

- Breon



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