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Marketplace Ministers Find Home with The Daniel Initiative  

A Forward Movement to Support, Equip and Train Marketplace Ministers


WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 10, 2015 The Daniel Initiative led by founder, Breon Wells, continues 2015 with full force toward a movement dedicated to supporting, equipping and training the marketplace minister. This movement originates from the main tenants of the Biblical leader, Daniel. It was his excellence, integrity, and wise counsel that caused the mainstream facets of society to acknowledge his God.


The Daniel Initiative is a movement that seeks to gather and unite Christians across the globe whom is interested in living out their unconventional callings. TDI Strategies furthers the cause of this movement by offering strategic communications services to interested visionaries and organizations.  These services include: (1) Political Consulting/Government Relations; (2) Public Relations/Crisis Prevention; and (3) Vision Management. While TDI is founded on Biblical principles, these services are not exclusively offered to the Christian community. Visionaries and organizations with overarching goals that positively impact society and humanity are potential core constituents for the Initiative.

As mentioned above, the organization was built on Biblical principles, which TDI considers essential to its existence and mandate. The organization believes that respect is a vital part of functioning in the global society, and must be a part of all operations. In fact Christ found a way to work together with all peoples, without compromising his own identity and values. Where there are areas of mutual agreement on issues related to human rights, conflict resolution, social justice, and international relations, TDI willingly works together with broad alliances.

The Daniel Initiative will connect Marketplace Ministers and Christian Professionals across the globe who share common goals, interests, and professional pursuits. This movement intentionally seeks to be the support group and platform for emerging voices in Christianity and public life. Your investment and time in this movement is a direct investment in your vision. Join this movement by visiting


About the Founder

Breon Wells is a political consultant, musician, vision management consultant, ordained minister, and motivational speaker. After spending six years as a Congressional Staffer, Breon left Capitol Hill to establish The Daniel Initiative. TDI was built to help cultivate and support Christians seeking to tie their faith and professional pursuits together. Labeling them as marketplace ministers, Breon believes that these Daniels, Esthers, and Josephs have innovative and unique callings that lead them outside the "four walls of the church" and into the public sector (marketplace).  As a political strategist and policy advocate, Breon has utilized TDI to serve political candidates, religious leaders, non-profit organizations, and entrepreneurs. Breon sits on the Robert F. Kennedy Young Leaders DC Advisory Board, The Justice Roundtable, and serves as the Vice President of Policy for Faith Link Inc.  To book Breon Wells for events or services, please e-mail [email protected].


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