THE PREMISE: Since God is the most innovative and creative being, Christians should be the reflection of that reality.

WHO: You! Yes you, seeking your purpose in life.

WHAT: Your innovative calling as a professional athlete, teacher, doctor, actor, politician, producer...etc


HOW: We'll help you figure that out through our networking community (Daniel's Lab), or our consulting services.

WHY: Because what you do matters, and it's your contribution to Kingdom.

Still intrigued? Read our purpose below.

The Daniel Initiative is a movement that seeks to gather and unite Christians across the globe who are interested in living out their unconventional callings. We believe that ministry is broader than pulpits and door-to-door witnessing. While these methods are important, there is a large group of believers looking for other innovative ways to express their faith! Global trends suggest that millennials are less committed to their faiths than prior generations. The average young adult (ages 18-35), is looking for stability through the pursuits of professionalism and family-building. They are looking for upward mobility financially, socially, professionally, and even spiritually. Some characterize this sect as simply selfish and materialistic, and believe that they are uninterested in committing to faith values. We however suggest that millennials are not necessarily less committed, but are rather disenfranchised with structures that seem disinterested in providing meaningful space and time for them to contribute to their faith. There are many Christians who feel the call of "marketplace ministry", but have a hard time wrestling down what this looks like. They believe that their professional pursuit, calling in life, and faith are all connected. They don't resonate with a "pew to the pulpit" pipeline as the only avenue for Kingdom usefulness. Perhaps you are part of this group and have asked "what does this look like?" and "how do I do this?". The Daniel Initiative was created to provide the perfect space for you to wrestle with these questions. Maybe you are wondering who will be interested in your vision. We are! This movement will connect you with others across the globe who also may be interested in what you are doing. This movement, built off of the life of the Biblical leader Daniel, seeks to be the support group and platform for your emerging voice in Christianity. Your investment and time in this movement is a direct investment in your vision. Join this movement!   


This movement also has a business component to expand it's reach into society. This includes political consulting, public relations assistance, and vision management. Click on each corresponding tab at the top of this page for more information.