“The aim of The Daniel Initiative is to equip our clients to use their political and social capital in strategic ways to positively transform cultures.”  

             - Breon Wells, President & Founder


The Daniel Initiative (TDI), is a government relations and strategic communications firm that intentionally services traditionally underrepresented and underserved populations to promote positive social change. Whether it's building legislative strategies and grassroots campaigns, raising a client's profile and image through strategic communication consulting, or aiding visionaries in hashing out the "next steps", TDI provides meaningful strategies to our clients that equip them to speak truth to power and transform cultures.

As a firm with experience in both public policy development and activism, TDI is uniquely qualified to connect our clients to institutions of power in ways that benefit marginalized communities. The services we offer are implemented with a commitment to dismantling the system of preferred narratives and validators. It is this core mission that fuels our work of ensuring that underrepresented and underserved communities can successfully navigate spaces of power for themselves. 


TDI develops leaders and influencers who think, speak, and act from their convictions, and do so consistently.