You are one of a million; part of #GenerationNow; one of the ragtag misfits that live in this world. That’s right, you’re a misfit. You are uniquely different from everyone else on this earth; a blueprint that is the first of its kind. There is no need to hide your exceptional traits. Your attempts to do so has led to your current frustration. You’ve been living life trying to blend in; not make waves; steadying the boat. To the naked eye you seem to be settled and happy, but the reality is that you feel conflicted. You secretly want more, you have an ideology and dream that is not currently represented around you… you’re looking for a way to quietly express yourself while maintaining the status quo, and this is impossible. The truth is, you bear the mark of a visionary.


Visionaries are big thinkers with original and unique concepts. They live in the present but are always mentally captured by the potential of the future. Visionaries ask endless questions, are critical thinkers, and seek ways to improve life’s current systems. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Barbara Askins, Elijah McCoy, and Otis Boykin are all great examples of big thinkers who made groundbreaking and trending strides in their professions. As a result of their labors, life will never be the same. We find it virtually impossible to live without the products of their minds. In other words, visionaries are necessary for societal development. Facets of society that reject visionaries and settle for the status quo are often relegating themselves to ill-equipped and outdated life experiences. Children who attend schools with low technological capabilities are automatically disadvantaged when matched with their contemporaries across the country. Businesses and organizations who refuse to adapt to social media are leaps and bounds behind the rest of society in marketing strategies. Even religious institutions are losing membership due to rigid outdated methods. Please note that I purposely used the term methods instead of philosophies. God’s Kingdom is an ever living institution set up by Christ, and visionaries are vital to its enduring reach. There has been a new generation gathering and getting ready to emerge. A generation of innovative thinkers looking to change life as we perceive it. #GenerationNow is our name. 


Would you believe me if I told you that everyone has the capability to be a successful visionary? Each individual has within them the God-given ability to produce items or concepts that propel society generations ahead. The question isn’t whether or not you are a visionary, but rather are you willing to embrace the lifestyle? Are you ready to be a part of #GenerationNow? I am willing to provide the theological underpinnings of the facts of our divine heritage as visionaries, but I think I’d rather spend this time describing #GenerationNow.


Purpose as a Worldview…

The average person is seeking to find stability in life by means of a well-paying job, with success defined by the fleeting consensus of society. This logic often leads people to fall into the Esau conundrum of whether one should sell their birthright or identity for temporary status and acceptance. #GenerationNow on the other hand views life through the lens of purpose. We have chosen to let the pursuit of money and position take the second chair to the fulfillment of our purpose.  Let’s be clear, this doesn’t mean that we are oblivious to the roles these two components play in life. However we see money and position as tools to carry out purpose, instead of something that that we must serve. We view life and make decisions in line with our conviction of destiny, not by our temporary urges. #GenerationNow can’t be bribed, shamed, or coerced away from our purpose because it is “life as we know it”.


Calculated Risk Takers…

As part of this generation, risk taking is a way of life for us. Typically risk takers are broadly mislabeled as reckless. We envision people who are extremely impulsive with no real plan, structure, or order. They “live life to the fullest without a concern in the world”. I want to challenge this premise as both false and unacceptable in a Kingdom dynamic. #GenerationNow isn’t full of irresponsible and flaky people, but actually calculated risk takers. There is a “method to our madness”. We don’t just make quick impulsive decisions. Instead we think long and hard about a pathway forward and conclude that these unconventional steps are necessary to fulfilling our individual purposes. God knows I was taking a risk when I left the reliability of Capitol Hill to start The Daniel Initiative. Many people around me didn’t understand, and the transition hasn’t always been easy. However after prayer and thoughtful calculations, I concluded that this risk was necessary to fulfilling my destiny. What makes it a risk? The fact that only time and history will tell whether my faith was correctly aligned or sadly misplaced.


Used to Failure, but Committed to Success…

#GenerationNow is full of visionaries with big and often “impossible” ideals. We shoot for the moon and sometimes fall terribly short. We are used to failure as part of the natural process, but we refuse to take it on as an identity. #Generation now understands that it only takes one successful outcome to change the world, and we are committed to that pursuit. Often the fear of failure prevents people from genuinely striving to change society. Yet, the benefit of the occasional failure is that it builds resilience and persistence. Your commitment to success is shown in your ability to get up and keep moving forward. Most successful outcomes are preceded by at least one failed attempt, so why wallow in regret and past mistakes? #GenerationNow is driven by purpose, and therefore we find it hard to stay down forever. Taking a breather is normal, but we don’t ever retire from the game.

We Use Whatever We Got!...

My old English professor is probably lurking around somewhere ready to beat me back into grammatical subjection, but the expression is needed. The people of #GenerationNow are comfortable in their uniqueness no matter how raw or uncomfortable it is for society. We have an understanding of who we are, and the tools that we have to pursue purpose for Kingdom. From a pen to a podium; a basketball to a stethoscope; we are determined to stay in our lane and work in our given area of influence. The rat race of trying to fit in and assimilate with society’s phony metrics doesn’t appeal to us, even if the mandates are man-made constructs from a religious entity. We are content with whatever tools we have, and we use them to build a better community. Everyone can’t be a preacher, a professional athlete, or the rich and famous. But we do know exactly who we are, and the tools we have to fulfill destiny.

An Ageless Generation…

Move over young people! If you thought #GenerationNow was just for the 18-35 bracket with our killer technology then you were sadly mistaken. #GenerationNow is not defined by the parameters of age, but instead by our commitment to purpose and destiny. Biblically speaking, Josiah was 8 years old when he became King, and Caleb was 80 years old when he inherited his land. If alive today, both of these characters would surely be included in #GenerationNow. This invaluable group is multigenerational, and work separately yet together for the greater good of Kingdom and humanity. People start their committed journey towards destiny at various ages, however once you have begun you now become part of this society of visionaries walking out their purpose.


Holding true to the name of our generation, we are sensitive to the timing of NOW. #GenerationNow fully realizes the power of TODAY, and the fact that we are relevant to the here and now. Like iPhone technologies, the concepts we receive today might be irrelevant in 2 years. Essentially there is no time to waste, and waiting until tomorrow is not an option. We seek to take our future goals and make them the world’s present reality. We are builders who are making constructs and systems for other people to stand on. If not now, then when? #GenerationNow is full of playmakers, game changers, visionaries, and ready or not we are here to fulfill our destinies. The day has arrived where #GenerationNow is the new normal, and the Kingdom will be the better for our existence. Join the movement, fully pursue your purpose, become #GenerationNow!

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